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Anatel Certificaton Support

We are committed to providing customers with complete FTTH solutions, and are committed to providing ANATEL certificate solutions for the entire FTTH link, to give distributors or end customers a satisfactory solution, so that customers can save cost and time seize the local market most efficiently.

Maximum Customers Benefits

We are committed to building the best quality FTTH industrial chain, starting with product price, quality and service. Think about what customers think. Different from the traditional factory, we have the greatest mission to achieve the requirements of our customers. We respond quickly, have quick thinking, and take the interests of customers as the starting point.

Our Team

We are committed to building the best team in the industry, they have experienced customer service experience, they have strong supplier integration capabilities, and they have a strong professional and technical background.

Kevin Wu served as a team leader at Deepblue Telecom.Kevin used to work as a department manager in a FTTH manufacture which are focusing on assembly fast connector&Patch cord.

He had lots of experience for dealing with customers and always tying to save the cost and provide the best services to the customers.

Jade Bai has served as a Global Sales at Deepblue Telecom since early 2018. In her role Mrs. Bai is responsible for the sales of Latin American market.

Prior to joining Deepblue Telecom, Jade had worked as a sales manager at an International Trading Company for many years.

Carrie Cao works as a Human Resources Management in Deepblue Telecom.

She joined Deepblue in early of 2019 and prior to joining this team, she has worked in a tourist company for more than six years.

Edan Cheng works as a Global Sales Assistant.
He joined Deepblue Telecom in middle of 2019 and has been mainly responsible for supply chain management and cost control.

Prior to Deepblue Telecom, Edan worked at optical cable manufacturing company for over two years.

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