Fiber optic adapter, sometimes also called coupler, is a small device designed to terminate or link the fiber optic cables or fiber optic connectors between two fiber optic lines.

By linking two connectors precisely, fiber optic adapters allow the light sources to be transmitted at most and lower the loss as much as possible. At the same time, fiber optic adapters have the merits of low insertion loss, good interchangeability and reproducibility.

Deepblue supplies a wide range of mating sleeves and hybrid adapters, including special male to female hybrid fiber optic adapter.


1.Compact Design

2.Telcordia, ANSI, TIA/EIA, NTT and JIS Compliance

3.High Precision Alignment

4.Low insertion and Return Loss


Technical specification

Item Parameter
Connector Type SC-SC
Polish Type APC
Insertion Loss ≤0.2dB
Mounting Type Full flanged
Body Style Duplex
Fiber Mode Singlemode / multimode
Durability 1000 times
Alignment Sleeve Material Ceramic