DT-FOSC-D-144-S is a into four out type heat sealing cap type optical fiber cable connector box, suitable for Ф 7 -Ф 22 cable in and out, is suitable for aerial, wall-mounting applications, Pole- mounting ,differences in place.The box body and the base are sealed with the silicone rubber. The cable seal is sealed with a heat shrinkable tube.


  1. The fiber optic splice closure consists of cover, pedestal, splice tray, hoop, optical cable storage
  2. The cable entry ports are sealed with heat shrinkable
  3. This is single fiber splice closure, it provide with one elliptical port and 4 round ports.The elliptical port, which can hold two stick optical
  4. The case body is made from imported high-intensity engineering plastics(PP) and formed the shape with mould plastics under high pressure. With the advantages of less weight, high mechanical intensity, corrosive-resistance, anti-thunderstruck and long service
  5. Equipped with air – core and installation.


Technical Data:

Item Parameter
Type DT-FOSC-D-144-S
External Size Φ230×460mm
Net weight 3.2kg
Cable ports One elliptical port and 4 round ports
Way to install Pole-mounting /Wall-mounting/Aerial installation
Cable diameter Φ7~Φ22
Capacity of splice 24 single fiber
Sealing structure Heat shrinkable sealing structure silicon gum material
Max. Number of 6
Max Capacity 144 single fiber
Work Temperature -40 °C ~+60°C
Voltage resistance 15 kv dc, 1 minute no breakdown, no flash over phenomenon.
Insulation resistance ≥2×104MΩ
Tensile force ≥ 800N
Sealing inflatable make the internal pressure of 100 kpa, into the water to observe more than 15 min, airless bubble generation, air pressure is not falling.
Impact strength impact energy under16N.m, impact times for 3 times, no cracks
Package 650*470*480/6pcs