Suitable for aerial, cable duct, direct buried, pedestal and provides the perfect solutions for the protection of fiber splice points from the environment. Suitable for multi-customer cables export, give a better solution for FTTH project.


  1. High quality engineering plastic, long service life
  2. Reliable gasket sealing system, rated to IP68
  3. High compressive strength.
  4. Multi-cables are allowed to pass through a same port with mechanical lock.
  5. Suitable for aerial, wall, manhole and pole mounted.



Dimension (mm) 300×Ø 180
Numbers of Cable ports 4
Cable diameter (Max.) Ø 13mm
Splice tray capacity 6/12 FO
Maximum numbers of the splice tray 4pcs
Splice capacity in total 48 FO
Mounted way aerial, wall, pole, underground, manhole



Material Modified polycarbonate
Temperature range -40°C~+70°C
Life expectancy 20 years
UV resistant additives 5%
Flame resistant V1
Seal material of the box Rubber
Seal material of the ports Rubber
Protection rating IP68