Fiber Splice Protective Sleeves DT-FPS


Fiber Splice Protective Sleeves are designed to restore mechanical strength, environmental integrity and fiber optic transmission properties after fiber splicing. There are single fiber protective sleeves, ribbon fiber protective sleeves for 4 cores, 6 cores, 8 cores, 12 cores, etc. and drop cable protective sleeves. The reinforcements for the three types are different. The single fiber protective sleeves realize the reinforcement by single stainless steel rod and drop cable protective sleeves by single or dual stainless steel rod, while ribbon fiber protective sleeves use single or dual ceramic to realize the reinforcement function.




  1. Customized length available.
  2. Color-code douter tubes available.
  3. Splice point protection and intensity improvement.
  4. External tube clearly shows the status of fiber joint.
  5. Outer tube in compliance with CHINA YD/T1024-1999.
  6. Completed shrink in compliance with CHINA YD/T1024-1999.
  7. Airproof performance keeps the splicepoint’s good resistance of humidity and temperature.


Fiber Splice Protective Sleeve
External Tube Internal Tube Reinforcement
Material XLPO EVA 201/304 stainless steel Rod



Item Stainless Steel Rod Internal Tube External Tube Protective Sleeve
Diameter (d)

* Length (l)

Inner Diameter (D)

*Length (L)

Length (L) Outer Diameter


1 0.5*25mm 0.5*25mm 25mm 1.8*25mm
2 0.5*30mm 0.5*30mm 30mm 1.8*30mm
3 0.5*35mm 0.5*35mm 35mm 1.8*35mm
4 0.7*35mm 1.0*35mm 35mm 2.6*35mm
5 0.8*35mm 1.0*35mm 35mm 2.7*35mm
6 0.8*40mm 1.3*40mm 40mm 3.0*40mm
7 0.8*40mm 1.0*40mm 40mm 2.7*40mm
8 0.8*45mm 1.0*45mm 45mm 2.7*45mm
9 1.0*35mm 1.0*40mm 40mm 2.9*40mm
10 1.0*40mm 1.0*45mm 45mm 2.9*45mm
11 1.0*55mm 1.0*60mm 60mm 2.9*60mm
12 1.0*35mm 1.2*40mm 40mm 3.1*40mm
13 1.0*45mm 1.2*50mm 50mm 3.1*50mm
14 1.0*55mm 1.2*60mm 60mm 3.1*60mm
15 1.0*35mm 1.4*40mm 40mm 3.3*40mm
16 1.0*40mm 1.4*45mm 45mm 3.3*45mm
17 1.0*55mm 1.4*60mm 60mm 3.3*60mm
18 1.1*56mm 1.4*60mm 60mm 3.4*60mm
19 1.2*35mm 1.4*40mm 40mm 3.5*40mm
20 1.2*40mm 1.4*45mm 45mm 3.5*45mm
21 1.2*55mm 1.4*60mm 60mm 3.5*60mm
22 1.5*25mm 1.7*25mm 25mm 4.2*25mm
23 1.5*35mm 1.7*40mm 40mm 4.2*40mm
24 1.5*40mm 1.7*45mm 45mm 4.2*45mm
25 1.5*52mm 1.7*60mm 60mm 4.2*60mm
26 1.5*55mm 1.7*60mm 60mm 4.2*60mm

1. Item 21 and Item 19 are standard dimensions at stock.


Environmental Characteristics:

Working Temperature -45℃~100℃
Shrinking Temperature 90℃~110℃