We provide a complete line of high-performance fiber optic cable assemblies, they are covering SC, FC, ST, LC, MU, MT-RJ, E-2000, Din, D4 connector termination, with PC, UPC, APC connector polishing. The Simplex/Duplex patch cords are designed to interconnect or cross connect fiber networks within structured cabling systems, comply with industry standards for optical, mechanical, and environmental performance. It can be used in FTTx construction, optical network constuction, LAN, WAN and metro networks, CATV configuration.


  1. Compact design
  2. Low insertion loss and high return loss
  3. Conform to ITU-T G.652D or others
  4. High reliability suitable for both single mode and multi-mode
  5. Wide wavelength range
  6. Large operation temperature range
  7. Customized configuration
  8. IEC, EIA/TIA and GR-326-CORE compliant



Connector A – Type and Polishing SC/UPC
Fiber Type G.652D
Working Wavelength (nm) 850/1300/1310/1490/1550
Single Fiber Protection Nylon 0.9mm diameter
Strength Member of Core Kevlar
Insertion Loss (dB) ≤0.3 dB
Return Loss (dB) UPC ≥55
Repeatability (500 times) (dB) ≤0.2
Bending Radius (mm) ≥30
Tensile Strength (kg/100mm) ≤12
Working Temperature (ºC) -20°C~+80°C
Storage Temperature (ºC) -20°C~+80°C
Sheath Diameter (mm) 2/3
Working Humidity <90%RH
Sheath Color Yellow for SM fiber, orange for MM type
Connector Length (mm) About 50
Fiber Length (m) customization