Termination Box DT-FDB-06


It is applied to optical access point. It completes the inlet and fixation of optical cables, splicing, termination, storage and management of fiber, fixing and cross-connection of optical fiber.    It is widely used in fiber communication network projects to implement the connection, distribution and scheduling between subscriber line and fiber distribution hub.


  1. Scenarios:Wall-mounted or Pole-mounted.
  2. Optical Adapter, rotary-type distribution panel, layered cable management.
  3. Bow-type drop cable can be spliced or mechanically spliced or have a connector made on the field, and redundant length can be stored inside.
  4. Perfect fiber route design to ensure bend radius of fibers.
  5. Storage/Operating Temperature : -40℃ to + 65℃.
  6. Degree of protection: IP65.



Item No. DT-FDB-06 Remark
Dimension( H x W x D) 230x195x55mm
Subscribers 1pcs 1×8 Cassette Splitter or 8pcs Adaptor&Pigtail Cassette type splitter
Max capacity of splicing 8
Max Number of Trays 1
Input/ Output port 12(Φ12.0mm)/ 8+1(Φ5.5/11.mm)
Weight(approx.) 0.5KG
Sealing Mechanical
Humidity ≧95%
Atmospheric pressure 70~106kPa
Bending radius ≥30mm


Ordering Information:

Name Item No. Type Splicing Subscribers Remark
Terminated Fiber Access Terminal FAT-AP03B-8 Type A 8 8 SC/APC,SC/UPC