The equipment is a half-style closure that is sealed mechanically pre-connected horizontal connector box .It is single-ended design and is generally used as a hub box node in an unequal ratio fully pre-connected solution, converting traditional optical cables into single core pre-connected SC/APC output ports.


  • The box is a half-style closure that is sealed mechanically.The back of the box comes with a reinforced backplane,You can just wear the hoop.The additional backplane can also be used.
  • Plug and play, pre-connected household cable instead of fusion, no need to open the
  • Fast insertion can fix and seal the optical cable outside the connector box for quick installation.
  • Support a variety of installation methods, holding pole, hanging wall, hanging
  • Suitable for a variety of installation scenarios, support above-ground, underground, human well, hand well.
  • Material: PP+GF, wet-proof, water-proof, dust-proof, anti-aging, protection level up to IP68.



Technical Index:

Model No. DT-FTB-HW-04-8/10 Color Black
Capacity 8 cores Protection rating IP68
Material PP+GF Inlet/outlet 2/10
Dimension(MM) 355*215*132 Weight 2.27kg


Package Information:

QTY. 4 PCS G.W 11.76 kg
Carton size 48*44*31 cm N.W 10.96 kg