Temperature Cycle Test of Field Assembly Connector FAC-SC/APC-03

Temperature Cycle Test of Field Assembly Connector FAC-SC/APC-03

Test Purpose: Testing is always a good way to check quality of products. We pay great attention to our products quality. On Dec.15th, 2020, we did High and Low Temperature Cycle Test. By strictly following up the testing requirements, we got very accurate testing data. This test is to make sure our connectors can withstand varying temperature conditions that it might be exposed to in the field. Customers can have confidence that our connectors will perform well as expected.

Sample Information

Sample Name

Field Assembly connector

Sample Mode


Sample Condition

Good Appearance

Sample Pic


Test Information

Test Project

High and low temperature cycle test

Test Standard


Test Date

December 15th, 2020

Test Period


Test Equipment

Programmable Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

Test Process: Connect products and put in the equipment. Turn on the equipment and set temperature. The test exposes connectors to the high temperature and low temperature of -10℃-+65℃. Routine 12 hours 4 high and low temperature cycles. The rate of heating and cooling is 1 degree Celsius per minute.

Test Data:


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