Performance of Different Ceramic-V Grooves Under Climate Testing

Performance of Different Ceramic-V Grooves Under Climate Testing

Test Purpose: Ceramic V-Groove field assembly connector is widely used in field fiber connection. Due to the profit driven, there are some cheaper copy type in the market. So how is the copy type perform? Will it meet the data requirements? We did two tests to distinguish how the Ceramic-V Groove copy type and CCTC type works under climate testing. Hope the tests we had this time will give you some information about these questions.

Sample Information:

Sample Name Field Assembly Connector
Sample Mode FAC-SC/APC&UPC-05
Sample Quantity Test 1 Test 2
4 APC, 4 UPC 2 APC, 2UPC 2 APC, 2UPC
Sample Condition Good Appearance, good performance with room temperature
Pic of 3 Ceramic-V Groove


Test Information

Test Project High and low temperature cycle test
Test Standard -25℃-+75℃
Test Date Test 1(COPY#1) Test 2(COPY#2, CCTC)
Dec 9th, 2021 Dec 16th, 2021
Test Period 24hrs 24hrs
Test Equipment Programmable Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

Test Process: Connect products and put in the equipment. Turn on the equipment and set temperature. The test exposes connectors to the high temperature and low temperature of -25℃-+75℃. Routine 24 hours 4 high and low temperature cycles. The rate of heating and cooling is 1 degree Celsius per minute.

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