How to select a field assembly connector in Brazil Market

How to select a field assembly connector in Brazil Market

There are 4 popular fast connector models in Brazil Market now. You have received several offers for these products and are wondering which one to choose? I will try to give you some advice from a manufacture’s view.

We can put FAC-SC-01&FAC-SC-02 in one group.

The price range is from around 0.26usd-0.35usd.

Why there is such a big difference in price from the same fast connector ?

l Raw material. FAC-01&FAC-02 are quite mature products, which means it’s easy to obtain the raw materials from different suppliers. So it won’t have big difference from the raw materials.

l Ferrule. In China,Ferrule cost a nearly same cause of the competition.

0.3$ would be a reasonable market price.

If the price is too much lower, below points are for your reference.

  1. In order to save costs, many production processes have been reduced,especially for the last IL&RL checking as well as endface checking. These are quite important for the quality of fast connector, if we missed this progress, lots of poor quality products will be sent to customers, and it will bring a bad customer experience.
  2. The supplier used recycled ferrules and other recycled materials in order to save costs. This happens in China,I never heard that any suppliers provide this kind of products to a Brazil Customer by now.
  3. Inventory products or secondary products that have been picked.
  4. You have a nice supplierwho always support you without any profit.: )

If the price too much above this standard,below points are for your reference.

  1. You are not deal with manufacture directly.
  2. You need to re-negotiate the price with your supplier.
  3. You may have different requirements (high standard) for packing,or negative payment terms. In China, most suppliers do not prefer payment after B/L copy.They may increase the price if you have tough requirements for the payment.

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